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About DFA

We began with a global view, in the mid-1980’s, as one the first consultancies to focus solely on the issue of intercultural and global competency development. As Cross-Cultural Consulting, Associates, based in New York City, we grew into a worldwide network of training and consulting professionals linked by a mission to provide creative and effective solutions to the global development concerns of its clients.

Remaining committed to our core competency of training and development enabled CCC to quickly become the exclusive provider of cross-cultural training and consulting services to major worldwide service providers in a variety of fields: at Berlitz International, CCC soon became the internal division to provide cross-cultural training to all of Berlitz’ clients worldwide. Seven years later, Dean Foster, founder and President of CCC became Senior Vice President of Intercultural Services for GMAC/Windham Relocation Services, the leader in worldwide relocation services. Today, DFA's commitment to global training and development insures that the global skills you need most are provided by professionals whose first, and only, mission is to provide just that.

Building our global resources over the last twenty years provides DFA with a talent platform that is unmatched by any other similar organization. Our network of over one hundred worldwide trainers and consultants, plus our database of literally tens of thousands of individuals in over one hundred countries, enables us to provide you with the most cutting-edge, customized, and up-to-date consulting and training when and where you need it.

Seamless, worldwide and globally dependable consulting and training does not happen overnight. It takes two decades of experience, of validated and measurable expertise, and the passion for a field that was itself created in part by the individuals at the center of DFA . At DFA , you get more than just a program. You get the global wisdom of a provider who was there from the beginning, helping to define a field that today acknowledges DFA as one of the leaders in global training, consulting and research.

Want to work with dfa Intercultural Global Solutions?

We are always looking for talented interculturalists and business partners who want to work collaboratively with DFA around the world delivering our programs and promoting our products and services. If you are interested in exploring a relationship with DFA, whether as a DFA-certified trainer or consultants, or as a marketing representative, please send us your cv/resume/bio, and a cover letter explaining your area of interest. We will get back to you promptly!

Candidates for DFA cross-cultural trainers should meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a graduate degree in intercultural studies or a related field in the human sciences, with an emphasis on cross-cultural studies.
  • Have at least two years experience as a corporate trainer.
  • Have lived and worked significantly outside of their home country.
  • Possess proven counseling skills.
  • It is also preferred if you can deliver and train in additional languages.
  • Candidates for DFA CultureCoaches additionally must demonstrate recognized coaching certification.
Candidates for DFA Country Resource associates should meet the following criteria:
  • Have lived and/or worked in their home country city within the last six months.
  • Be able to articulate up-to-date information about their home country and home city.

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